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The fast paced convergence of education and technology means educational institutions across the world to be on the look out to enrich their educational offerings, not to mention, to maintan their competitive edge.

Today, educational institutions and systems are expected to provide vital information in realtime to all the stakeholders - students, parents, teachers and administrators.

Implementing accountability, secured campus network solutions, student/parent information management systems are some of the buzz terms in the edu-tech industry.

Pragam edu-tech team are adept with vertical and technological expertise to offer wide variety of solutions that are cost effective and totally customized for the educational institutions, which in turn enables the educators to concentrate on their core-competencies - "Empowering students through quality education"

Our Offerings
  • Student tracking and student administration
  • Measuring and performance metrics
  • Custom data analytics and reporting services
  • Communication work-flow solutions
  • Web portal solutions
  • Attendance solutions through bio-metric and promixity RFID cards
  • Secured wire-wireless network design consultancy and solutions
  • Campus-secure program through video surveillance
  • Custom GPS solutions for tracking vehicles
  • Custom RFID based asset tracking solutions for library books, institutional assets(laptops, equipment, instructional gear)

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