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Tools & Technologies Used :-
Operating System : Windows
Platform : C#.NET (2.0/later)
Additional Frameworks : Crystal Reports, Lidor System Components
Database : MSSQL Server (2005/later)
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Campaign Management

Campaign management Tool empowers small and medium scale business owners & companies to:

  • Create & manage SMS & Email Campaigns
  • Track the results of the generated campaign
  • Identify, associate, retain the targeted data sources as customers
  • Measure the responses per campaign

The USP of the product lies in its analytical and forecasting capabilities of handling large volumes of stored data recorded from the sources and feedbacks over different campaigns; and also ascertains the probability of a customer returning in the next campaign along with the regular statistical information from each campaign.

For SMS Campaigns

Extract unique set of targeted mobile numbers from the existing grouped data associated for the campaign. The extracted data can further be used as a primary input for the SMS Engine to generate SMS messages.

For Email Campaigns

Generate e-mail newsletter to the targeted groups associated for the campaign. Currently this tool supports scheduling for e-mail based campaigns to be executed at a later date.

  • Create/modify groups
  • Import – Eliminate Duplicates and stores them in multiple groups
  • Merge/split ---Groups
  • Add/Modify/Delete Recipient contact nos and email from the groups or from the database
  • Add/Modify/Delete Customers
  • Specify/Attach Data Sources to Existing/New Groups/Customers
  • Campaign Feedback Sources
  • Categorical Statistics
  • Measuring Campaign Responses
  • Un-Subscriptions
  • Filter Targets
  • Refine Groups
  • Campaign based Performances
  • Design/Modify-- Email Templates with images+ Content
  • Encrypt/Protect – Core Recipients Group
  • Schedule campaigns
Where it can be implemented
  • Government & Public Sector Units, Banks
         External: Special Announcements, Alerts, Polls, Newsletters
         Internal: Mobilization Drives, Alerts, Polls, Newsletters

    Hospitality Industry
         Restaurants, Cafe's, Pubs

    Retail Industries

    Any campaign manager or Consulting Companies


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