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Tools & Technologies Used :-
Application Type : Windows based application
OS : Windows Compliant
Platform : (2.0/later)
Additional Frameworks : Crystal Reports
Devices : Finger print Identification
Database : MSSQL Server (2005/later)

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Visitor Tracking

Every organization designs its security policy based on needs and perceived security threats. In a manual system there may be a possibility that the governing security policies of an organization/facility may not be implemented effectively.

For any Organization where security is paramount, Visitor tracking system from Pragam is a fully automated solution packed with multiple configurable options and security rules, ensures all the security policies desired by an organization/entity are implemented to a fullest extent in a simple and time-efficient manner.

Features and Benefits
  • Allows to register different types of visitors coming into the facility
  • Basic personal details of the visitors, their photo and fingerprints can be stored
  • Each visitor type is configurable with lot of options governing rules for each visitor category made available in the application for any organization/entity/facility
  • Visitor identification by Fingerprint/Photo-Identification, or by an unique ID assigned by the application
  • Host official database to track host official data in the facility
  • Configurable system wide security options available based on user types – to protect sensitive data and restrict pass generating options
  • Real-time Check-in/Check-out data in the Facility
  • Rule-Based Alerts for Visitor Types to Track , Over-Stay, Black-Listed, Watch-Listed Visitors entered/entering into the facility
  • Integration and Communication and Alert Management through Text-Messaging over Company wide Network or Cellular Network for the application

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