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Tools & Technologies Used:-
Application Type : Web based AJAX enabled application
Operating System : Windows
Platform : ASP.NET (2.0/later)
Additional Frameworks : Dundas Charts, Ajax Toolkit, ItextSharp
Devices : Finger print Identification
Database : MSSQL Server (2005/later)
Browser Support : IE (6.0/later), Firefox(2.0/later)
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Money Disbursal Systems requires strong identity proofing and authentication measures while maintaining transparency and accountability for distribution of entitled/allocated monetary benefits to intended recipients/beneficiaries - be it unemployed youth, social welfare students, physically challenged, widows, or any individual identified by implementable social welfare policies adopted/practiced by various government institutions.

Money Disbursal Accountability System (M.D.A.S)

M.D.A.S Solution Framework fills the void to prevent misappropriation and fraudulent activities while delivering monetary benefits to the 'Right recipient in right time'. This solution offers biometric, voice and photo based authentication and validation procedures, enforcing the strictly governed business rules in a hierarchical role based organization/government undertaking.

As a definitive methodology to deliver the due monetary benefits in a government to citizen programs, the potential implementation of M.D.A.S can support e-government and e-payment over variety of secured networks for payment disbursals adopting the best practices of e-governance.

What M.D.A.S can Offer
  • Guaranteed service assurance
  • Increase accountability with instant/accurate reporting for the service administrators
  • Increase efficiency and reduce workload and costs for the service personnel responsible in delivering the services
  • Reduce costs in Integrated work-flow environment with strongly enforced organization structure and validating applicable business rules
  • Provides real-time data with visual representation for the administration such as budgetary allocations, appropriations, encumbrances through comprehensive reporting features (ex: payables, paid on-time, late-payment) and arrears
  • Wealth of analytical information for monitoring and forecasting for better and improved e-governance practices
  • Audit trail for cross-verification and validations for statutory audit regulations
  • Multi-level data identification and segregation
  • Role based authentication of the users
Where M.D.A.S can be implemented
  • Social welfare pensions distributed by various central/state governments
  • Scholarship distributions for eligible students in central/state governments
  • Beneficiaries of guaranteed employment schemes offered by central/state governments
  • Or any money disbursal environment where transactional accountability is envisaged

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