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Usability Engineering

Our UI design team can work your Marketing and Business Development Teams to create a visual design appropriate for the end user that extends/elevates and/or establishes the brand. If you are resource-constrained in these areas, we are able to offer user interface design services via our UI design team.

This is how we work:
  • Understanding your target audience requirements and prioritize, in designing RIA web applications, gadgets, widgets, desktop applications
  • Ensure the proper application of UI principles, UI design development
  • Create UI specifications for a product,and/or establish UI standards across projects
  • Generate preliminary concepts through HTML mock-ups to validate design structure, navigation and information architecture
  • Build out HTML templates and CSS, cross browser test, and work with developer team for better integration
  • Develop or extend existing style guides or even design custom style guides

As an IT Company we understand, believe and endorse Intellectual Property Rights. We commit to 100% compliance with your IT Policy, NDA Regulations & Standards, when you work with us.

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